Trailer Towing Education

Training partners with Jayco Adelaide

This course is designed for both corporate and private applications.  It’s aim is to provide students with the knowledge and experience to safely tow a trailer. The course is tailored to suit the needs of the company or student. Four hours is an appropriate amount of time to complete the training. The recommended student instructor ratio is no more than 2:1. Topics covered in the training session include

  • Trailer and tow vehicle weights
  • Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities
  • The Load Restraint Guide and other legal requirements
  • Safe loading and unloading practices
  • Coupling and uncoupling the trailer
  • Braking systems
  • Trailer tyres
  • High centre of mass vehicles
  • Causes of vehicle and trailer separation
  • Other legal requirements
  • Driving technique
  • Trailer sway
  • Overtaking on country roads
  • Driving with heavy vehicles
  • Use of CB radios
  • Reversing and slow speed manoeuvring.