Recreational 4WD Training

Weekend Recreational 4WD Course

8 hours for $395 per vehicle

 – up to 4 vehicles per course


You are invited to join us on our weekend recreational 4 wheel drive course.  Only $395 per vehicle gets you and your passengers more than 8 hours of expert 4 wheel drive training from our experienced instructors.

The course is design for those new to driving 4WD vehicles and also those with 4WDing experience.  The course is only suitable for 4WD vehicles fitted with high and low range transfer cases.  There is no necessity for your vehicle to have any accessories or modifications.

The course commences at the carpark of The Greenman Inn, Bull Creek Road, Ashbourne at 8.00 am.  After a quick theory session, discussion about your vehicle’s features and a safety briefing you will be following your instructor on a 20 minute/28km drive to Goolwa Beach.  Goolwa Beach is the ideal location to learn sand and mud driving techniques.  You will be taught effective self-recovery techniques.  During the day there will also be discussion on how to use other recovery equipment including a snatch strap and recovery boards.

Then it is off to lunch at The Greenman Inn.  We book a table for your group for 12.00pm.  There is an extensive menu to choose from and we recommend that you preview the menu and decide on your meal prior to arriving.  Meals should be ordered and paid for at the bar on arrival.  This helps to keep the lunch break at around one hour as they can get busy if a large number of patrons arrive at the same time.  Lunch is the ideal time to chat with the group about your 4 wheel drive experiences and have your questions answered by our instructor.

After lunch you will be driving to Cole Crossing at the Finniss River and to our training track.  At these scenic locations you will be taught how to safely negotiate river crossings and drive your 4WD vehicle over difficult terrain.  The course concludes at around 4.30 p.m.

You will receive a certificate of attendance and a comprehensive handbook on four wheel driving techniques and tips.

The course is not suitable to children under 12 years of age, or a driver holding a learners permit.

The safety of you, your passengers and your vehicle is our priority.  The chance of any damage occurring to your vehicle is minimised by carefully risk assessing every aspect of training.

For photographs and information about the courses please go to our Facebook site.


Weekday Recreational 4WD Course

8 hours for $660 – one vehicle per course

We do not run weekend recreational courses other than on those days listed on the website.  We will conduct one-on-one training throughout the year on any weekday other than public holidays.  You receive 8 hours of training for one or two participants in your vehicle for a total price of $660.  This training is the same as the weekend course but differs in that you have an instructor in the vehicle with you guiding you through the various terrain you will encounter.  Please contact the office to book a date and discuss your requirements.  Lunch location can be at Goolwa or Ashbourne.


Booking and paying for either course

Please email us or give our office a call to make a booking. 
Office number:   0493 101 395

Course joining instructions will be emailed to you when you book a course. This 5 page document should provide you with all of the information you need about the course, including how to pay.  Payment can be made via bank transfer, or by Visa or Mastercard.  Payment should be made at the time of booking to secure your position on the course.

Go to our “Recreational Course Dates” page to see our scheduled weekend course dates.  More dates are usually added as bookings fill the courses.  We run up to two courses per day with 4 customer cars and one instructor on each course.  Courses are run on most Saturdays and Sundays between March and November.


We found this to be a well organised and comprehensive course.  We wondered how they would fill a full day, however, the day was varied involving sand, water, mud and steep terrains and the necessary skills to master these.  Never a dull moment!  We have come away a lot wiser and now better understand our Isuzu’s abilities. Thank you, we’ll be back for the caravan course.

Heather Jenkin

21st July, 2019

We spent the day training with Greg.  It was an awesome day and he taught us both life long lessons. We are so more confident in both the car and in us. I have spoken to a few people about his techniques and how useful they are.

Thanks so much Greg, We will now enjoy exploring places we never dreamed of.

Leanne and Lisa

April, 2018

Had a fabulous day learning the capabilities of my LandCruiser Prado under the capable, enthusiastic and experienced guidance offered by Greg – skills, tips and tricks will be long remembered.  Fantastic insights offered in understanding your car, what to consider when faced with obstacles and difficult conditions. The day was full of excellent and clear explanations focused on a sensible and practical approach to your 4W driving – all while being demonstrated as you undertake them yourself in your own car.  A highly recommended course for anyone willing to venture off the bitumen and test your abilities, all while learning the capabilities of your individual 4WD.  Great value for money, great company and what a fantastic way to spend a day getting your car filthy!

Doug Fyfe

26th August, 2019

What a jam-packed, informative and practical day of 4WD training with Greg! Even having done some 4WD’ing already, we learnt a number of new strategies and gained confidence in negotiating terrain we previously would have balked at.

Thanks Greg for a well worthwhile and value-for-money training course.

Nicolle Oppermann

May, 2018

We had a fantastic day doing a 4WD course with Greg from SA 4WD Training. Greg’s broad base of knowledge is amazing as is his willingness to share it.  We really appreciated his common sense approach.  Teaching us to drive responsibly, while making safety the number one priority.  Pete has learnt to slow down and to trust his wife *LAUGHS*

Thank you Greg, keep up the excellent work!!

Janet and Peter Tognazzini

April, 2018

Without a doubt the most fun you can have under 40kph and still pass it off as learning. The ideal course to set you up with the knowledge and confidence to take your set of wheels to places you’d otherwise avoid. My clunky old Ford Courier has hidden talents which Greg and the team have shone a light on and I can now get myself into mischief with confidence!

Highly recommended and I’ll likely be back for more myself!

Christian Anderson

October, 2018