Defensive Driver Training

Our trainers are:

  • Experienced and qualified in delivering accredited and non accredited corporate driver training;
  • Qualified workplace trainers ( TAE40116 );
  • Experienced in training for remote area driving; and
  • Committed to safety in the workplace.

Our trainers have delivered non accredited driver training for both motor vehicles and 4WD vehicles to State government departments and companies throughout Australia.

Our knowledge of driving and training in the more remote areas of Australia means we can offer experience based driver training for workers heading into areas like the APY lands and the Cooper Basin.

SA 4WD Training delivers best practice with our training packages by utilising the combined knowledge and experience of our trainers.  

Why Non-Accredited Training?

Non-formal learning (adult learning) refers to structured, taught learning, but differs from formal learning in that it does not lead to a qualification within the Australian Qualifications Framework. It includes non-accredited workplace training, that is, training that does not lead to a recognised qualification.

Non-accredited training provides for flexibility in training content and structure. Training can be tailored to the specific needs of the client which can lead to more comprehensive workplace training.  Unless nationally recognised training is specified, non-accredited training can fulfill the requirements of the employer to provide training to employees.

By conducting a training needs analysis of your organisations driving needs we can tailor a program just for you. We strive to offer professional corporate driver training at an affordable price.

Defensive Driver Training Courses

  • Passenger vehicle.
  • 4WD vehicle.
  • Youth driver training.
  • Motorcycle.
  • Light bus.
  • Quad bike.
  • Side by side vehicle.

Course Content

  • What is defensive driving?
  • Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities.
  • Kilometres per hour and metres per second.
  • What is reaction time?
  • Braking distance.
  • The 3 most common collisions. Rear end, right angle and reversing.
  • How crash avoidance spaces help to reduce the chance of a collision.
  • Safe reversing and parking practices.
  • Australian Road Rules refresher.
  • Antilock braking system, Electronic stability control and other driver aides.
  • The drivetrain of a 4 wheel drive vehicle with low range.
  • Handling characteristics of a ladder rail chassis vehicle.
  • Crash avoidance strategies when driving a ladder rail chassis vehicle.
  • Common causes of country collisions and how to minimise the risk.
  • Driving on unsealed roads.
  • How to plan a country drive and minimise fatigue.
  • Safe overtaking practices.
  • Daily vehicle examination procedure.
  • Cabin setup and correct mirror position.
  • System of car control.
  • Operating the transfer case and other controls.
  • How and where to look.
  • Formulating a driving plan.
  • Open limit country drive on bitumen and unsealed roads.
  • Written evaluation of student’s performance.


Cancellation Policy

SA 4WD Training Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to apply a cancellation fee for training that is cancelled or postponed within 48 hours of the date that has been booked for the practical training.  Please discuss with the office any concerns you may have about your booking.