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Caravan Towing Education Course


5 Hours for $440


Our caravan towing course runs for 5 hours and covers coupling, reversing and towing the caravan.  The course is designed so that one driver completes the practical driving aspects in 5 hours, however the passenger will be involved in the theory and practical training, and may drive if time permits.  We only have one customer per course to ensure that you get the most out of your training session.  Courses usually commence at the customers home.  We offer these courses 7 days a week, subject to trainer availability.

Your first steps to a life of caravan holidays can be confusing.  Please contact the office and we will be happy to provide advice prior to you booking a course.  After your course you will receive a statement of attendance and a comprehensive caravan towing manual.

An additional cost may apply for courses commencing outside the Adelaide metropolitan area.

5 hour theory and practical session;

Theory component;

  • Determining the legal maximum weights for your vehicle and caravan/trailer;
  • Towbar requirements;
  • Weight distribution hitches;
  • Safety chains and shackles;
  • Braking systems;
  • Anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability control and anti-sway control;
  • Caravan/trailer tyres;
  • High centre of mass vehicles;
  • Before you drive checklist;
  • Causes of vehicle and trailer separation;
  • Other legal requirements;
  • Driving technique;
  • Trailer sway;
  • Overtaking on country roads;
  • Driving with heavy vehicles; and
  • Use of CB radios.

Practical component;

  • Coupling your caravan/trailer;
  • Mirror setup;
  • Planning for departure;
  • Defensive driving;
  • Identifying, avoiding and responding to hazards;
  • ABS, ESC, anti-sway control and other driver aids;
  • Country road driving;
  • Driving down steep grades; and
  • Reversing and slow speed manoeuvring.

Did a caravan towing training course recently with Joe. Fantastic personalised training teaching us all about weight distribution and towing limits. The caravan reversing practice and reference points specific to my van was very helpful and practical. Recommend anyone who wants to learn how to safely tow a caravan do make this investment.

Phillip Boyle, February 2022

From the moment we contacted SA 4WD Training we were met with a prompt and professional response.
Having no caravan towing experience, Greg soon put us at ease and provided a great deal of helpful information about our tow bar setup, safe towing etc. Learning to reverse and park a van was very daunting but Greg’s instructions were well explained and easy to follow. We gained a lot of confidence and would highly recommend this company! Thank you Greg and Tina
Debbie Howard, November 2021

New to caravanning, Kay and I did the SA4WD Training towing course with Greg. Much more to learn than I realised. Very comprehensive, valuable and enjoyable. Greg has a wealth of knowledge, experience and good sense. A totally professional trainer, a relaxed delivery and inexhaustible patience where needed. And at times it was. Nevertheless, we got there and had our first short trip to Yorke Peninsula , quoting Greg at each other as circumstances required. Highly recommended, even if you think you you know it all or enough. You’ll probably find you don’t. Thank you Greg and Tina, a pleasure to deal with.

Peter and Kay Foley.  January 2022